Creating Influential Communication

POWER FOR POINT is a consulting company that specializes in brand communication and business presentations. Founded in 2014 in Taipei, POWER FOR POINT provides clients across the Taiwan Strait with professional services in enterprise-level strategies, consulting, creative programs, designing, training, and communications. Our goal is to create experiences in influential communications.

Whether you seek to acquire strategies in professional presentations, to customize proposals for clients, or to participate in a professional training to improve business communication, we tailor programs to your very needs. Our consultants have years of experience in the workplace and can offer excellent consultation to improve communication effectiveness and achieve business visions.

In addition to professional consulting for presentations, POWER FOR POINT also owns POWER FOR BRAND, a consulting service for integrated communication, POWER FOR PITCH, the first consulting brand for entrepreneurial roadshow in Greater China, POWER FOR POINT Business School (PBS), an elite brand of micro-research, and last but not least, BeForAfter Presentations (BFA), a themed community for workplace communication.

POWER FOR POINT is committed to creating influential communication, enhancing communication effectiveness and achieving your business vision.
— Our Vision

Meeting All Your Needs

Our consultants possess years of experience in the workplace and can provide you with services in all aspects that include consulting, designing, and training to improve the overall impact from an individual to the size of an entire company. Whether it is a large conference or a one-on-one proposal, you can always turn to us for solutions. All you need to do is focus on your core business and we will assist you in dealing with all the possible challenges.



Content marketing that is story-centric is the trend for future business communication, and it is essential when it comes to communicating with different audiences. POWER FOR POINT's consulting in corporate communication and business presentation combines POWER FOR POINT's leading methodologies and business capabilities to help clients deal with challenges in a systematic way. Our consultations include business presentations, business roadshows, business models, and in-house training programs, in order to match customers' every need that ranges from planning brand strategies to implementing proposed projects. 


A professional keynote speech  is more than just a cool presentation. It is about creating and reshaping contents and ideas, combined with clients' business strategies. POWER FOR POINT's presentation and information design are dedicated to helping clients accurately express information and create effective presentations. We offer an array of services in designing executive speeches, company briefings, business roadshows, annual reports, and business proposals.



Companies nowadays need to face both external and internal communication, and they play important roles in building brands. POWER FOR POINT's training in presentation and communication is based on real work settings. With professional methodology, our programs focus on logical structures, visual designs, and presentation techniques to enhance employees' overall communication skills in the workplace and to improve communication among corporations. In addition, trainings in roadshows are provided for accelerator programs and startup companies.


林 大班


Founding Partner & Senior Training Director, Greater China

林大班(BeN)是企業溝通諮詢公司寶渥的創始合夥人兼大中華區高級培訓總監,主要負責簡報培訓業務及運營管理工作。BeN 多年來一直專注於零售及培訓領域,擁有十年以上兩岸三地工作經驗,是一位極受知名企業與職場人士歡迎的商務演示顧問丶講師與專欄作者。他曾在 2013 年創辦 STUDIOBiG 簡報講堂,於 2015 年初將簡報講堂業務全部併入寶渥,並共同創辦了台灣首個創業路演主題訓練營:PitchCamp。在開創自己的事業之前,BeN 曾擔任蘋果優質經銷商 STUDIO A 大中華區招聘及培訓總監,負責兩岸三地的人才招聘與培訓工作。他在蘋果經銷商工作期間曾訓練並管理大中華區超過百人的蘋果培訓講師團隊,參與美商蘋果公司在上海丶北京丶廣州丶武漢等地舉辦的講師論壇,並受邀至舊金山參與 Monster Inc . 全美菁英講師培訓,此外還負責過品牌在全球 CES 大會的主題演講,並主導企業總經理對蘋果公司 Tim Cook 的提案。BeN 目前還是《經理人月刊》與專案管理生活思維專欄作者,主要撰寫領導管理與商務演示相關的文章。

Yang Yang

Founding Partner & Senior Brand Director, Greater China

Yang Yang is not only a founding partner of POWER FOR POINT, but also a senior brand director of Greater China. As the co-founder of the BeForAfter Presentations, Yang Yang is in charge of POWER FOR POINT's design and brand marketing. Over the years, Yang Yang has been specializing in the Internet, integrated communication and business presentations to create keynote speeches for countless famous brands. He also co-founded PitchCamp, Taiwan's first themed camp for entrepreneurial roadshow.

Prior to founding POWER FOR POINT, Yang Yang was a product promotion manager in Baidu's marketing department, focusing on web search and promoting Baidu's platforms such as Baidu Tieba, Baidu Baike, and Baidu Wenku . He is also the most popular in-house lecturer on business presentations at Baidu Institute of Technology . Before this, Yang Yang worked in Renren Inc. for product design and business development, coordinating business between Baidu, Microsoft, Intel, and several other clients. In addition, he composed speeches for the company's senior executives, and was one of the company's first certified in-house instructors. 

Yang Yang's expertise even extends to marketing and commercial work of several Internet startups. Yang Yang graduated from the College of Communication, National Chengchi University and holds a Master's Degree in Integrated Communication. He also studied at the School of Journalism and Communication, Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Most clients of POWER FOR POINT come from high-tech and financial industries. We handle complex product technologies and business models. Through content refactoring and design innovating, our clients learn to simplify complex business information and deliver it to different target audiences.